Hello and thank you for considering this fabulous business opportunity.

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I strongly urge you to take the time to read everything that I am about to share ( until the end ) plus listen to the recording about this opportunity before making an informed decision as on the surface it might seem similar to things you might have seen before but it is definitely different.


The core concept

A Marketing Agency has entered into a Co-marketing agreement to globally market the proprietary products of a very real 16 year old publicly traded bioscience (Pharmaceutical) company. 


Said company already has many viable OTC products already in retail stores as well as various other products in development/waiting on FDA approvals etc and like every business, there is a need to find the most effective and efficient means of marketing their line of products.


The marketing agency (called ABCSystems.com) is paid a per unit fee for every retails or wholesale sale made by the company, during the term of this agreement, as a result of the marketing done on it's behalf.


The publicly traded company thus has all of it's advertising taken care of so it can focus on development/approvals of some major products in the works.


To generate the advertising needed to sell the company's products, the Marketing Agency uses us the affiliates but then of course this is where our reward comes from.


ABC Systems operates through membership contributions (You can call it a higher level of Crowdfunding which is legal all over the world). In order words, ABC Systems allows members to contribute to Ad buying by purchasing Ad Packages, and each member gets p.aid daily from the profit of ABC Systems until the member earns 100% profit on his/her contribution through Ad Pack Purchase. 


This can happen within 90 days but  must not exceed 100 working days, else the company will pay you the balance to make up the agreed 100% profit or doubling your initial Ad Pack. I'll explain this a bit more in the next section as  this is a game changer for all passive folks and everyone in general.


ABC Systems is a legal Media Buying Agency. That means that they buy bulk advertisements from both online and offline media houses (with money generated from our ad pack purchases) and service their customers which includes the Publicly Traded Company.  


Note: Currently the arrangement is with this one publicly traded company as they possess very marketable products already in some stores and many viable products on the way BUT there are already plans to offer this same advertising service to other companies as well. 



How is this opportunity different?

All of the ad packages purchased by affiliates of the marketing agency are collateralized against stocks from the publicly traded company.


For every advertising package that you purchase, you receive an official Certificate of Collateral with your exact particulars.

This certificate certifies that from the minute you purchase an ad package, ABC Systems holds double your purchase amount in a trust by the company in the form of  stock shares of the US publicly traded company.



What does this mean in simple terms?

In basic terms a publicly traded company with a host of  products has employed the services of a marketing agency and have agreed to pay said agency based on a per sale basis whatever they have both agreed upon.


In turn, said marketing agency is looking to attract us (affiliates/members) who will purchase advertising packages, thus providing the revenue for the agency to purchase bulk advertising and market/drive sales  it's client's products.


For this, both the media agency and the publicly traded company have agreed upon a package/incentive that allows us to feel more comfortable purchasing ad packages.


The agreement (and we receive this in writing via a certificate that is emailed to us)  pays us a daily passive income which is determined by product sales generated for the day until we double our money that was paid for the ad package.


It is agreed that we must receive this doubling within 100 working days and if we don't, then any outstanding amounts to make up to 100% profit is taken from a trust that uses the publicly traded shares as collateral to draw down on to pay us....The company uses their shares as collateral to guarantee that we are paid what is owed to us.

There are other components to the compensation plan that could see people earning their 100% profit in far less time than 100 working days but even without this, EVERY person who purchases an ad package has the guarantee that they will receive 100% profit within 100 days.


Once their package expires they can simply purchase a new one, at which time a new certificate of collateral is generated and your earnings continue.



What is the catch..what are the hidden fees etc?

This is very simple.

To become a member of the marketing agency known as ABC Solutions you must pay $59 every quarter (so let's say that's 20 a month) and within this time you can purchase as many advertising packages as you like and you will earn and continue to earn on each and every one of them (each backed by it's own certificate of collateral) as long as you remain a member (so every 3 months you would need to pay $59 to the marketing agency).


This $59 is used for administrative costs as well as to offset any cost involved in sending you funds. They pay you by direct bank transfer or bank wire and absorb any associated fees so this $59 is used for all of those things.


You then purchase your advertising package or packages depending on how you want to work the compensation plan and how much you want to earn and then you are paid daily.


I'll get into some FAQ'S at the end but at this time I think it's important that you look at two videos that will explain the opportunity in more detail (the founder of Quizon's is spearheading this one) as well as the compensation plan so you can identify the different ways to actually earn as there is more than one way depending on how involved you want to become.