Quick recap of the compensation plan 

You have three options here (two traditional options and one option I have come up with):


1) Totally passive

You pay your quarterly membership fee of $59.


You purchase an advertising package from the marketing agent ABC Systems, 48 hours after your payment has been confirmed as received you start earning daily, within 100 days you would have doubled your initial spend or they the ABC Systems will ensure that you do by this date.


If you like what you see you can renew and purchase another advertising package at this time and/or you could have upgraded to even higher advertising packages any time you feel like and earn accordingly.


You are in complete control here and your earnings is limited only by how much advertising you choose to purchase for yourself.



2) Active - Sharing with people

Apart from your own purchasing of ad packages, you can share this opportunity with others.


If they purchase advertising, you earn a 10% fast commission on any/all of their advertising packages.


Apart from this, once you are binary qualified (you place one personally sponsored member on the left and one on your right in the binary ( this is easy and I can show anyone who wants to do this how to do it properly) then you also generate points from the binary which you can then use to purchase additional advertising packages (which then goes on to double in value as already discussed) and/or you can upgrade to a higher advertising package which then has the additional benefit of earning you even more in the binary as well.


Once your personal referrals purchase any new advertising packs at any time or renews any advertising packages after the 100 days earn an additional set of 10% fast start bonuses and binary benefits (points )



3) Be Smart

This will involve you and two of your family members.

You set up a membership for yourself and purchase an advertising package. You then sponsor your spouse/kids etc and place them one on the left and one on the right to activate the binary.


This then means that not only will you be earning on all of the advertising packages of all three accounts but you earn the fast start commissions on the additional positions plus you can earn binary points as well with time....all without actually referring anyone (well anyone you don't know :))      



Additional points to note:

1. The structure of the company and vision of the company has one thing in mind: TO PREVENT AFFILIATES FROM LOSING MONEY EVER! You can read this in the website.


2. Compliance is being handled by experienced lawyers who suggested the issuance on Collateral certificates for each Ad pack purchased. (I have my own certificate signed and duly authorized that my funds are secured by the biopharm company stock.) If you would like to see a copy email me that request.


3. The Biopharm company has been operating for 16 years and have business relationships with major retailers. New products will be launched very soon. The company is real and many team members have visited the office. (Name will be disclosed after launch).


4. The ABC Systems business is registered in Hong Kong as the head office and the business is open for international members. There is an office in Florida that has been visited and proofed.


5. Payments systems include Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Wire transfer, Credit/Debit Card, direct deposit and many more. This makes joining and funding very easy.


6. We have Webinars every Tuesday and Thursday, and once you register, you will receive the details.



Final Thoughts

I like it...It's something different and everyone who I have spoken with so far are all very professional and serious about this opportunity .


All the emails that I have received from registration to payment have all been very prompt and pretty much everything has been perfect so far.


Official launch is carded for April 1st so it's best for everyone who is interested in this to get signed up right away.


Like everything online though, everything has a risk so even though this sounds exceptional, I will maintain that there is still risk so bear that in mind when making decisions.



How to get started

If you know you are just going to be totally passive with this then it's very simple....Follow the instructions below to register and then decide what package you want to begin with and follow all the prompts and emails sent to you.


48 hours later you should start earning on this pack and you can build your business from there, independent of anyone or anything. Placement in the binary etc would be a non issue as you would be totally passive anyway.


If you plan to refer others or even refer your spouse/kids to make up some additional positions to benefit from the binary as this grows ( to me this is a very smart move and most should try to do this if they can ) then timing is more important because I will be notified whenever someone joins me and though we are all placed in a unilevel to start with, after April 1st  I will be able to manually place people in my binary where ever I want and I'm going to be fair so all of those who join and make their payment first (ie take action right away) will go into the binary first so it's up to you how soon you want to take action or not.


The minimum to get started here would be $559, $59 for the membership and $500 for the minimum ad pack. Those who want to start earning more right away and can afford it then you would need to purchase additional ad packs to get to the higher levels.


Here are the steps to follow to register with me:




Go to:


a. Look at the bottom of the next page and click on "NEXT"

b. Fill your information

c. Select a Package (You don't have to pay anything now).

d. Where you have Sponsor details make sure the following show: Name: EZ Lloyd   Email:


e. Send the registration and lock your spot in the system. 

f. Check your email for follow-up confirmations and once you get the payment details by email proceed to make your payment once you are ready.


NOTE: You do no need to pay anything right away but I would like each of you who are at least thinking about proceeding with this opportunity to register for free now as this ensures you are locked in my unilevel so that once everything is officially ready to start I will know who to place where in my binary and it would be quicker and easier to move forward with those already registered than those who are not.

At launch I will be able to manually place people in my binary where ever I want and I'm going to be fair so all of those who join and make their payment first ( ie take action right away ) will go into the binary first so it's up to you how soon you want to take action or not.




Thanks for considering this opportunity. I hope that you see in it what I do but if not and if your decision is to not proceed then that's perfectly fine as well and I wish you good luck in whatever it is you are involved with or trying to find.